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Meet Our Team

Hannah Marie Bailey photographed by Megan Dougherty Photography
Co-Founder + Acting Coach

Meet Hannah Marie Bailey, an experienced actor and casting director dedicated to unlocking actors' full potential. With over 14 years of experience in acting, Hannah Marie has been honing her craft and gaining profound insights into the art of acting since the young age of 9.

Driven by a passion to nurture talent and share her knowledge, Hannah Marie decided to launch Hollywood of the South Studios. Her comprehensive classes empower actors to thrive in the industry through personalized instruction and expert guidance. Additionally, as the owner of HM Casting, Hannah Marie's students gain invaluable insights into the audition process, thanks to her keen eye for talent and industry connections.


Her acting credits include: Black Spartans, Judge Dad, ABC's Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Your Worst Nightmare, About Him, Lady A's "I Did With You", Southern College Consulting, and more.

Her casting credits include: Disney, Target, Marvel, Chevy, AT&T, Publix, Hellmann's Mayo, Joye Law Firm, and more.

Co-Founder + Studio Director 

Meet Tara Bailey, a momager with over 21 years of experience, exudes an unwavering passion for TV and film. Whether reveling in the ambiance of a movie theater or nestled in the coziness of her Atlanta home, she finds solace watching her favorite TV shows alongside her beloved fur babies, Krissy and Molly. A proud Georgia native, Tara established this studio with a heartfelt aspiration to impart her and her daughter's wisdom to fellow momagers and actors, empowering them to learn from her own journey navigating the growing Atlanta film industry.

Neftali Hernandez - Atlanta Actor
Ramin Delsouz, Atlanta Actor
Adult Acting Coach

Born in Puerto Rico, Neftali discovered a passion for the art of storytelling early in life. His multifaceted career, as both an actor and author, draws from an educational foundation that includes a Master's degree in Counseling and Student Personnel Services. Neftali's deep understanding of human nature allows him to bring fresh and genuine perspectives to various roles, creating characters that are both captivating and authentic.

As an author, Neftali made a remarkable entry into the world of fantasy literature with his debut novel, "DRAGON'S FIRE: Rise of the Elementals." His ability to craft immersive worlds reveals a dynamic creativity that resonates in his acting as well. He seamlessly integrates his love for both the written word and visual storytelling, enriching his work in film and television.

But Neftali's talents don't stop at the screen or on the page. As an acting teacher, he leverages his unique background to cultivate a nurturing environment for aspiring performers. His psychological insight and innovative storytelling techniques empower his students to explore the depths of their creativity, connecting with characters on a profound level.

Join Neftali's class and embark on a transformative journey through the world of acting, where you'll not only learn the craft but also discover the power of storytelling that resonates within us all.


Neftali's acting credits include popular shows such as Queen of the South, Florida Man, MTV's Revenge Prank, Fatal Attraction, "Murder Calls, Homicide Hunter, ATL Homicide, and many others.

To learn more about his work, visit his website or follow him on social media:



Instagram: @neftalihernandez


 Social Media Manager

Meet Ramin Delsouz, an actor with over 10 years of experience in the TV and film industry. Originally from Castle Rock, Colorado, Ramin has been an Atlanta resident since 2016. When he isn't on set or taping auditions at the studio, you can find him chilling at home with his cat Mr. Whiskers, and watching NBA basketball cheering on the Lakers.

His acting credits include national commercials for Papa Johns, Swisher Sweets, and Lodge Cast Iron, as well as appearances on popular TV shows like "Homicide Hunter" and "In Pursuit with John Walsh."

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